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We are committed to promoting the continued development of the City of Gweru. by mobilising, coordinating, channelling and supporting initiatives across the world by corporates, organisations, charities, individuals, academics, sports disciplines with connections and or passion for the City of Gweru.


We aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and social welfare of the City of Gweru residents through identifying the needy sections for support interventions.

Our COVID-19 Initiative

Currently, our City is at the risk of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. This presents us with an immediate challenge to provide support for healthcare services. Our most urgent priority is the resourcing of our clinics across the city with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While Gweru has to date not registered any case of COVID -19, and, we aspire for this trend to continue, this cannot be guaranteed. Looking at the trajectory of the pandemic and its impact elsewhere, we cannot wait and watch; we need to be prepared for any eventualities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged communities across the world with the most hit areas being in Italy, China, Spain, US and UK. With no cure at the moment, countries and communities have been forced to adopt preventive measures to reduce and prevent the spread through interventions such as social distancing and rigorous personal hygiene including regular handwashing. These preventive measures are working in slowing the rate of infection and giving countries time to prepare health facilities and mechanisms of curtailing the pandemic

We are mindful of several other initiatives on the ground coordinated by the Government, the City Council, MPs and church leaders. Our efforts are not meant to compete, but rather, to plug any gaps and complement on-going efforts.

We are, therefore, calling on all people who have a connection and passion for Gweru to join our efforts through donating in cash, kind or expertise as we fight this pandemic.

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City of Progress Trust directly supports the City of Gweru and its resident’s residents through our programs. In addition, we facilitate, complement and build capacity of the City of Gweru Council and other organisations in their endeavor to improve the health, education and social welfare of the population of the City of Gweru. Below you will find options to support us:


City of Progress Trust has an account with Gogetfunding where you can donate directly to our cause online by visiting; GoGetFunding


You can use your own bank’s electronic transfer system from anywhere in the world.

ACCOUNT NAME: City of Progress Trust

  • BANK: BancABC
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: ZWL: 50328965502019 USD: 50328966633023
  • BRANCH: Gweru City
  • Branch Code 510
  • PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 61 Robert Mugabe Way Gweru

Transfers from outside Zimbabwe may involve extra costs. City of Progress Trust accepts those costs to be deducted from the total donation. If you decide to take the costs of the transfer we would like you to know that this is highly appreciated and we thank you for your kindness.


You can send your donations via mobile money to:

  • Ecocash: 00263 779 749 007 : 00263 779 749 435
  • NetOne One Wallet: 00263 716 505 764 : 00263 716 505 770

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Board The City of Progress Trust was established under the Private Voluntary Organizations Act (1996, revised). Provisions relating to the functions and duties of the Trustees are provided in the Deed of Trust which was filed in the office of the Deeds Registry under protocol 08/2020.

Composition of the Board.

The Board is made up of four inaugural trustees who are appointed for a period of two years. Trustees act in fiduciary capacity and can be reappointed by a resolution passed at a properly convened and constituted meeting of the Trustees.

Board Members


The City of Progress Board of Trustees Board is committed to the highest ethical standards; transparency, efficiency and accountability.  Therefore, several committees have been set up to increase its effectiveness in meeting these standards.

  • Public Relations
  • Finance and Auditing
  • Fundraising


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Address is 1750 Mkoba Township, Village 6, Gweru

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